Nina Nesbitt: Album Review

Nina Nesbitt is a young youthful Scottish singer I embarked on when listening to her perform at limf festival and then again at this years fusion festival in Liverpool, and what a pleasure it was! So far she has had 2 top 40 singles and with the release of her latest album I can see that figure rocketing with the help of John Newman on her new duet with him.

At just the age of 25 this girl seems to really have her shit together, if you don’t mind me saying so. When it comes to knowing who she is, her new album promotes nothing but self love, self worth with a sense of spiritual growth after all the latest album is named ‘the sun will come up, the season will change’. The album cover sees Nina swimming in a pool of lotus flowers which is a sign in the Buddhism culture which signifies growth and turning your poison into medicine, which is what she seems to have done within her writing on these tracks.

The first track ‘sacred’ starts with a relaxing therapy like hypnoses tune, it sets the tone for a new enlightened journey that this album will take you on emotionally, just from the first song I’m already intrigued and excited to how this music is going to make my mind and soul feel – there is nothing like a song that speaks to your soul right?!

The moments I’m missing – Nina then takes you back to her childhood, to moments she misses, friends, innocence, enjoying life as I’m sure everyone can agree life can become overwhelming touching on everything from love to school and getting caught in the motions which we are all guilty off, it almost makes me want to take a time out, for some self love and listening to this song will definitely have you firmly standing back on the ground.

The album continues with feel good rhythms, and lyrics to feed the mind spiritually, the feeling of growth and being at peace with yourself is definitely a message in these tracks.

Track 4, colder! WOW!!! This song definitely signifies what I’m talking about, the star talks about how she has become cold, due to being countable, dumb and giving her everything for love, I’m sure 99% of girls and woman can relate to this song, the song is upbeat and even though the lyrics are sad and speak of hurt of coming to terms with not letting anybody in emotionally anymore and investing in anyone it has the energy that makes you feel very determined and focused. It made me feel almost excited to dive into a new project, a project that needs self love and self love to make it excel, it’s like it almost give me the strength when listening to get up, move on and become better and wiser when it comes to love.

Loyal to me – Nina’s latest single! A song about dealing with bad, toxic men, not returning calls, being left on read and not getting the appreciation you deserve. Nina almost makes me want to shake the girls that feel so worthless about themselves and makes me want to give them that girl gang unite attitude. It’s most definitely a no nonsense message when it comes to the dating game in this day and age and I am all about those vibes – GO NINA!

Love letter is a cheeky track, I love it, it’s sassy! She sings the song as if it was being sung to her ex in front of millions, she leave no stone unturned and is not afraid to call him out on everything and anything. This song is perfect t for anyone who has just come out of a relationship with a liar. I listened to this song and I actually laughed out loud and thought to myself ‘good on you girl’ I smirked the whole way through the track.

The 9th song, which is roughly about mid album (ps I was not bored, usually I skip through and just start to listen to intro’s at this point to see which songs stands out to me, not with this album they all talked to me) this is were the love and relationship talk came to an end, it’s all about putting in those hours! To get were you want to be and we’re you need to be you must be willing to work hard – and that’s what empire is all about! She wants to build exactly that and show people what she deserves in her words not mine.

Again the album just soaks confidence and as I listened to it I can feel the energy transferred it automatically made me want to get organised, motivated and thrive for the best I can be, it’s all about that bad-bitch attitude!

But as it comes the end the of the album. Nina seems to really soften up, her song ‘things I say when you sleep’ really pulls on them heart string. A fairytale story about confessing her love for someone whilst they sleep, this song talks about the rollercoaster ride of love, how it makes you feel and how it helps you to express in ways you would usually find hard to put into words – it’s a song for anyone who is in love.

The same enlightened relaxed feel still applies to the later songs in the album though, last December begins with sounds of trickles of water and trees blowing in the soft wind as her lyrics sing of how she wanted to save someone and how she took them for granted it’s safe to say Nina has defiantly had her fair shares of heart break and this is now why she has this hard exterior you see in the first part of the album.

We are at the end of the album now and it’s the track that’s the album was named after ‘the sun  come up, the seasons will change’ its the whole
Conclusion of the album, things change but it will be ok, you will come out of it all a better person and as I said at the beginning of this review, Nina is swimming in a bath of lotus flowers, colourful, calm and reacting a higher state of mind, this album I believe is so much more than music, the personally message that lies within the mind over matter and positive thinking will help people to come through the tough times and out the other side. The fact Nina is just 25 years old I think we can see her relationship with her fans grow from strength to strength over the next few years and I therefore cannot wait to see it blossom.