national diversity awards 2017

National Diversity Awards

Yo, yo, yo! My name is Jess Roche and I’m a presenter here on KCC Live on air every Wednesday 10am till 1pm. On the 8th September me and Dan Spelman attended the National Diversity Awards. Dan is also a presenter here at the station with Big Live Drive every Monday and Tuesday 3pm till 6pm. We interviewed many people, from the winners, to people who made the show happen! But before we go into deets, let’s start from the beginning!

This was my first time interviewing people outside of KCC Live or even attending an award show! So as you can imagine, I wasn’t expecting anything massively over the top! Boy oh boy was I wrong! I went in a dress that was £5 from Primark (which should have been more like a tenner! I know, I know! Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!) and there was people who had their dresses made especially for the event! Underdressed was most defiantly an understatement! I didn’t realise in the slightest how big of a deal this event was. Hosting the show was Ana Matronic from the Scissor Sisters and Brian Dowling who hosted Big Brother and in all honesty, I wasn’t expecting any famous people to be there.

Many awards was up for grabs! Categories included, ‘Positive Role Model Awards’, ‘Community Organisation Awards’ and ‘Life Time Achiever Award’. And before you jump to conclusions, me and Dan was not up for an award ….sadly! We was only there as press! So as press, we scooped out the place and got many interviews and pictures with some amazing people! One of our first interviews, (which was also probably the best winner of the night!) was with a 12 year old boy called Joshua Beckford! He won the award for ‘Positive Role Model for Age’ and a role model he was! While interviewing him, he told us that the award he won was his 13th award! That’s an award for every year of his life and plus the 9 months he was still in the womb! He won as he was campaigning to raise awareness for autism!

Robyn Smart won the award for ‘Positive Role Model Award for Gender’! When she was younger, she fallen very ill which caused her to completely forget who she was and forget how to speak! She then went back to university to study law, and fallen ill again. She is now on the mend and is an author writing children’s books!

While interviewing all of these great inspirations, a lot of shenanigans went down! While there, we met another man called Duncan who was also holding interviews but for a TV show! He came over to us claiming he recognised Dan from somewhere so, I decide to say he was off Corrie. He started laughing and saying, “yeah, that’s deffo it!” assuming he clearly knew it was a joke! Couple of hours and interviews later, someone had said someone from Coronation Street was at the ceremony and they thought it was Michelle Keegan! Just on a side note Dan is a big fan of our Michelle so he knows a fake when he sees one! To cut a long story short, it was a look alike of Michelle Keegan and the rumour was actually about Dan because I said he was off Corrie earlier to Duncan! Once we found out, we decided to role with it and Duncan invited us both to go on his new TV show that he has just pitched to channel 4! Unfortunately, we did not get his contact info at the end! Sorry Duncan!

Back to some more winners! The Caribbean Social Forum won the award for ‘The Community Organisation award of Race, Religion and Faith’. While interviewing a member from the club, she told us they accept anyone from any background and it doesn’t matter what religion, political view and race you are! She also mentioned it was one of the biggest and still growing clubs in the UK! We met so many amazing inspirational people on the night and for such a good cause! But a personal highlight for me was when we both interviewed Brian Dowling at the end of the night and he loved my dress and asked if it was from ASOS! Not going to lie, that made me feel ten times better!

So to conclude the night, people thought me and Dan was both famous actors, I got away with a £5 dress from Primark and we both met some truly inspirational people! To end the ceremony, Misha B sang a few songs on stage and everyone had a boogie!!! A good way to end a good night!