Ministry Of Sound 2019

Last week The Big Live Drive team was kindly invited to the Ministry Of Sound Annual Classic at the incredible Philharmonic Hall. I think it’s fair to say that Dan and the team had huge expectations going into this gig to hear those old skool belters like never before.

Weird to say maybe be but I find that sometimes its tough to go to a gig that you have huge expectations for, will it live up to those expectations??..what will they start of with??

Well after a little struggle finding our seats down to Dan’s clumsiness! The packed Philharmonic seated ready for what promised to be a packed night some people travelling to our city just for THIS!

Then that time came the lights dimmed to a MASSIVE cheer, few moments later special guest DJ and host Smokin Jo spoke to the crowd for just few quick moments and introduced a special montage of the history of Ministry Of Sound to the present day. It was definitely a goosebumps moment for sure!

But then it happened that iconic intro hit of Darude Sandstorm after a few seconds the crowd realised what was about to go down and was up and bouncing, hearing the iconic track getting preformed by a orchestra was just something else! But that was just the being because we got to hear so many truly equine versions of so many classic dance anthems that we all have special memories of such as: The Chemical Brothers – ‘Hey Boy Hey Girl’, Dario G – ‘Sunchyme’, Faithless – ‘Insomnia’, Fatboy Slim – ‘Right Here, Right Now’ and many more.

It was amazing event for sure, we’ve also few clips from the night so you can relive that epic gig!