Liverpool Take Over Playlist

KCC Live Liverpool Takeover Playlist

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Current Tunes

Last update 17th January 2021


3ric Mck3nna – Believe

Jodie Knight – Deep End

Alex Luca – Freedom

Aleya Mar – Rainbow

Crawlers – Hush

Bronnie – Skeletons

Eli Smart – Cruella Deville

Elleanor Boland – Touch of Another Man

Lamkyami – Games (Acoustic Live Version)

Jamie Broad – Cry no More

Jamie Broad – Head or Tails

Jamie Webster – This Place

Jess Bloom – To Whom It May Concern

Libby Akerman – Demon

Lotte – I Don’t Buy It (Lockdown Session)

Meg Shaw – The Escape

Meg Shaw – What You Deserve

Molly Green – Just A Girl

Pixey – Supersonic Love

Pixey – Free to Lice in Colour

Tabitha Jade – FYI

Torture The Desert Spiders – Scarlet