Liverpool Take Over

Shak Omar ft. Remee – All On You
Figure Flows – Anything
Don’t Listen – Aystar
XamVolo – Cathedrals
Halem – Do You Miss Me Now
MiC Lowry – Don’t Tempt Me
l100 – Feel So Good
DeeJoe – Go Baddie
The Volume – Knowing She Would
Jamie Broad – L100 History
C-Two – Like Dat
Figure Flows Ft Footsteps – Like you
Nimuah – Love Takes Control
Problem – MACZ
Saint ft Nicola Jane & JAMIE BROAD – More Than I Needed
Raheem Alameen – Need You To Know
Gully Pactzz – No One
Michael Seary & Liverpool FC – On the pulse

42741 – fans and players
Kashmir Kids – On The Wire
Gully Man Dred – Pen Game Freestyle
MACZ – Ringin It
Sub Blue – Take a picture
Joseph Mott – The Seasons
LUCA – This Love
CEEMAX – Unleashed

Last Updated: 29th Jun 2018