Bongo’s Bingo

On Tuesday 14 th May 2019 Camp and Furnace Ltd, based in Liverpool, released tickets for a
series of shows in August purporting to be Bongo’s Bingo brand (part of Shua Ltd), sold
through Skiddle.

These shows are not endorsed, affiliated or related to Shua Ltd or the Bongo’s Bingo brand
in any way, shape or form and so will not be hosted by Jonny Bongo, any other hosts or any
dancers employed by Shua Ltd.

The Bongo’s Bingo concept was conceived and designed by Jonny Lacey AKA Jonny Bongo
and Joshua Burke in April 2015.

The company finds it incredibly disappointing that Camp and Furnace Ltd have chosen to
release these tickets which have no relation to us or the true Bongo’s Bingo brand, and are
in no way linked to the existing Bongo’s Bingo shows and concept.

Shua Ltd wishes to make it clear that it has not issued consent for these Camp and Furnace
Ltd shows in August and are not accountable for any tickets bought through Skiddle or
Camp and Furnace Ltd, and therefore are not liable for any refunds or exchanges.
We have instructed our lawyers as we intend to vigorously protect our Bongo’s Brand and to
ensure that our large and loyal customer base always enjoy the Bongo’s Bingo phenomenon
that they expect when they come to our shows.