Chuckle BrothersClick the picture to see the legendary Chuckle selfie!


So a standard Thursday afternoon – Mike and Matt got a tweet from the legends that are The Chuckle Brothers – aka the legends of 90s kids TV! We had a bit of reminiscing session when Matt remembered he’d saw the guys tweet a selfie to someone recently – Mike being Mike decided we should give it a shot in the dark too!


They did not disappoint! As quick as we tweeted Paul and Barry they tweeted us back, with – A SELFIE! WE DID IT! Not only that, the selfie captured both brothers! View the full Twitter conversation and the legendary selfie here!


And if you find yourself frantically searching YouTube for old ChuckleVision episodes and you’re having full on 90s throwbacks, the Brothers are on Twitter – follow Paul and Barry yourselves!



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